The Famous Jasper's Pumpkin Carve 2016

11 November, 2016

Jasper's Catering Pufferfish PumpkinThree years ago Jasper’s had the bright idea to send free pumpkins out to our valued customers to see what carvings they could come up with. It was intended as a bit of fun and we expected a few entries of grinning pumpkins.
But we were amazed by the take up in 2014 and so much pumpkin love was expressed that we had to do it again in 2015! Last year’s entries were even more numerous and impressive but this year in 2016 the standard was out of this world!
Each of our franchises gave away around 100 pumpkins to customers. Any spares were given to local businesses, schools, charities or playgroups and received with delight.
Far from your regular pumpkin designs, our customers posted on Facebook photos of “Trumpkins”, majestic Game of Thrones carvings, cookie monsters, Gizmo, Tinkerbell, pumpkin burger, bats, witches, sparkly pumpkins, pumpkins eating mini pumpkins and all manner of gruesome and gory creations!
It was no chore at all to share the amazing designs on social media or for our franchise owners to pick their three favourites in their area. The task of selecting the National Pumpkin Champion fell to Jasper’s HQ and we went for Walkgrove’s highly original and comical Pufferfish Pumpkin!
Check out all the designs on Facebook by searching #JaspersPumpkinCarve2016
And until next Halloween...we don’t want to see another pumpkin!