New supplier deal benefits Jasper's franchise owners

27 February, 2015

Jasper’s is on the verge of signing a supplier deal that will bring huge benefits to its growing network.

Joint Founder and Director Nathan Siekierski said: ‘It is really important that a business works in partnership with its suppliers to ensure that maximum benefits to all can be extracted from the relationships.

“The new deal will give our franchise owners an increased number of Nectar points to use as they will – to pay for the family’s food shops, spend on the home and garden or on a holiday!

“It also gives fixed pricing for 12 months, with six month notice on changes, along with marketing support and low purchase prices.

“What we have negotiated will make Jasper’s Catering Franchise owners increasingly competitive whilst ensuring they continue to buy products and ingredients from reputable and reliable suppliers. This of course impacts on the customer experience and the success of the whole business.”