New developments thrust Jasper's ahead of the competition

26 January, 2015

The Jasper’s Catering Franchise network has just met at a secret location to witness the results of the redevelopment that has been occurring for the last nine months. The results are ground breaking, they thrust Jasper’s Catering Franchise way ahead of any perceived competition.

The new developments range from intelligent customer focused sales tools through to a responsive online platform and three brand new exciting menu concepts. The developments left one member of the network to sum things up in the somewhat colourful language of: “If I was Jasper’s competition and saw what we have just seen I would be cr**ping myself!”

The launch of the new improved Jasper’s Catering Franchise is coming this Spring.

Founder and Director Nathan Siekierski said: ”We can’t wait. We have spent so much time, money and energy on this and know that the market and our customers deserve a step change in Catering. It is a very exciting time to be a Jasper’s Catering franchisee!”