Jasper's one of the top ten fastest growing businesses in its class

13 June, 2014

Independent industry analysts Plimsoll have sited Jasper’s Catering Franchise Ltd as one of the fastest growing companies in the catering industry, ranking Jasper’s 6th on the Plimsoll ‘High and Rising Chart’

Plimsoll have reported that the catering industry is worth around £2.14 billion, up 4.3% from last year. Jasper’s Catering Franchise Ltd itself has seen increased revenues, up nearly 40% on like for like sales for the first quarter of 2014 compared with the previous year. 
According to another analyst, Key Note, catering industry growth from 2013-2017 is forecast as 15.7%.
Jasper’s Catering Franchise Founder and Director Nathan Siekierski gives his verdict on why this is:
“During the economic downturn all industries were affected, including catering, there is no doubt about that. Now that the recession is officially at an end, there should be some exciting growth over the coming years. Most of this will be provided by the industry leaders, the clever innovators who are focussed on giving customers consistently excellent value and service.
“Jasper’s stayed robustly profitable during the recession and we continued to add new franchises to the network. We have looked hard at making efficiencies to benefit the customer, have invested £100,000’s into new developments such as our business management and packaging system. Our company is set up so that profitable growth for our franchises and innovation of products can be our priority.
“That’s why we are ranked as one to watch and a future industry leader by Plimsoll”