Jasper's on the hunt for caterers seeking to radically grow their business

17 July, 2015

It is official. Jasper’s Catering is about to launch its search for 30 caterers out of the 11,000 plus in the UK to help solve the needs of customers.

Co-founder and Director Nathan Siekierski said:

“We have literally thousands of prospective customers across the UK who contact us and ask if they can meet with a local Jasper’s caterer. However in certain areas of the country where we don’t yet have a presence we have to say we aren’t able to do business with them at the moment.

“We are looking for existing catering operations, run by ambitious owners who are seeking to grow their business, to gain customers under the Jasper’s license. Our intention is that we can help existing caterers significantly expand their turnover whilst also fulfilling the market’s desire to buy Jasper’s products and services.”

Jasper’s are in particular looking for caterers in Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Exeter, Norwich, Peterborough, Oxford, Cardiff, Swansea, Manchester, Liverpool and North, East and Central London.

Every caterer that converts to Jasper’s gets £30,000 worth of stock for free and a minimum 200 prospect appointments in the first 12 months alone! Plus the opportunity to offer customers the UK’s most varied range of buffet catering.

If you are interested in registering for more information then please call 0121 622 2043 and speak to Jasper’s Recruitment Manager Bobby George.