Jasper's is a Finalist for two Franchise Marketing Awards 2014

21 March, 2014

Jasper's Finalist for Franchise Marketing Awards 2014Jasper’s has become a Finalist for two Franchise Marketing Awards (FMA) 2014: Best Franchisee Marketing Support and Best Overall Marketing Campaign.

It’s nomination in the Best Overall Marketing Campaign category was for the unprecedented ’10,000 campaign’. The campaign was to provide, over a short incredibly intense period, £10,000 worth of business for each Jasper’s franchisee. It took six months of intense work by the franchisor to find and extract prospects of real genuine high value and ensure they were delivered to the minimum collective value of £10,000 a week. The marketing involved a diverse and detailed range of methods from data gathering and cleansing to email marketing, use of Jasper’s Business Management System, online and telephone support from Jasper’s team of Personal Assistants and weekly progress calls with franchisees over Skype by the franchisor.
The investment in marketing by Jasper’s and the support it gives franchisees in this area is why Jasper’s has been a finalist in 2012 and 2014 for the Best Franchisee Marketing Support award.
Jasper’s Founder and Director Nathan Siekierski said:
“All truly successful marketing is about return on investment. For years I have been to endless marketing events and talks where the focus is on the latest app, medium or code. Metrics are given a nod but rarely explained in detail. At Jasper’s we are about results. The 10,000 campaign has delivered for an investment of just £2,200 per franchisee £500,000 worth of hot prospects. The minimum conversion rate is 30% and optimum for the network will be 75% - so that’s £150,000 to £375,000 additional turnover per franchisee.
“The campaign was delivered based on formulas that have been tested, measured and evidenced. It took blood, sweat and tears from the franchisors to create and our Head Office team to deliver. All our franchisees involved in the campaign deserve the success that comes from fully implementing the Jasper’s franchise systems and processes.”