Franchisees meet at Jasper’s HQ for improvements to Personal Assistant service

11 April, 2014

The franchisors of Jasper’s Catering invited a group of franchisees to consult on the evolution of the Personal Assistant service that was introduced 12 months ago.
Jasper’s franchisees now use the service of Personal Assistants, a team of which are based at Jasper’s HQ in Birmingham. The objective is for franchisees to be supported so that they can focus on growing their franchise, not working ‘”in’ their business.
The primary task of the PAs is to deal with customers over the phone and via email - taking orders, dealing with enquiries, generating and chasing invoices. In addition, they support the franchisees with all postal marketing such as offers and promotions. And they manage the franchisees’ diaries so they are fully booked with sales and customer appointments.
The meeting to improve the service was to discuss the evolution of these Head Office services, focusing on the individual franchisees and their needs. 
Nathan Siekierski, founder and Director of Jasper’s Catering Franchise said:
“Engaging with franchisees is a great way to focus resource on things that will genuinely benefit them. The meeting on Friday was an example of franchisees and the franchisor working together for the good of the whole network as well as them as individuals. 
“To be fair, the franchisees that attended had put real effort and thought into the discussion which means we now have some really positive ideas to work with to progress the PA services. The overwhelming response was that the PA service is invaluable, allowing the franchisees to focus on growth, and they want to move forward with it.
“Businesses are always evolving. The important thing as a franchisor is to listen to your customers and your franchisees. What I want for the team at HQ want is irrelevant if it doesn’t work for the customer or the franchise owner. When we work together like this we are stronger and will get even better results.”
One franchisee who attended the meeting fed back to Nathan by saying:  “It is really appreciated that you set aside time to listen to our needs as business owners.”