Brexit and the Jasper's Catering franchise opportunity

8 July, 2016

For Jasper’s, as a business, we believe leaving the EU is actually a great opportunity for us. We are fortunate that we deal with almost every corporate industry, and all sorts of sizes and types of businesses and people. We are well positioned in that we deal in the one product that will always be needed – food!
Our market is growing and will continue to grow as the culture of ordering food for delivery grows year on year, combined with businesses understanding that providing food for meetings and for their employees is a key part of successfully doing business. 
We are very optimistic about our ability to weather any post-Brexit storm now or over the coming years, as our market research shows extremely strong performance and there is no other national player in our field. 
We also guarantee £1,000,000 worth of prospective customer appointments in the first year to any new franchise owner, and we also get you to £3,000 a week turnover by week 6/7 of opening (we make up the difference until we do!) Both of these commitments that we made pre-Brexit, still stand.
We know what we are doing and we do it well – our challenge is finding hardworking, intelligent people who want to own their own food business. Lots of people talk and think about doing this but less than 1% who look actually take the exciting steps to make it a reality.
The good news is that there is probably never been a better time to invest in a business in the UK. Interest rates have to stay low, there is even talk they might come down. Legislation and red tape will almost certainly freeze. The UK government has put aside £140 billion to support the currency, and as our trade booms externally, so will the growth of our domestic market too. The economics look good for the UK, the reason we haven’t been in a prolonged depression prior to this is not because of the EU but despite the EU. 
With regards to our suppliers, we have fixed costs agreements meaning we can hedge our purchases, and a minimum 3 month (but normally six month) notice period for price increases and decreases should they happen.
Whilst some imported ingredients may go up slightly in cost, it will be more down to the weather in the Ukraine (huge grain yields from this part of the world) or potato crop failures rather than anything to do with Brexit. The UK is very much open for business, agile, more competitive and globally active… we are looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity and we hope you do too.