Amazon opens its UK online supermarket

17 June, 2016

Amazon is attempting to continue its progress into emerging UK markets, as they initiate their food business plans with a full online food delivery service.
The news comes on the back of Amazon’s efforts to extend the reach of their ‘Prime’ service, which offers their customers 24-hour delivery of any product in their online store, and now users in East London can get a weekly shop brought to their door the same day.
It is expected that the rest of the UK will receive the same option, but no date on rollout has been revealed. 
Ajay Kavan of AmazonFresh says they are “launching with a comprehensive offer in a limited area and will take our time to hone our service”, one which has been live in the US since 2007.
Bryan Roberts of TCC Global, experts in retail, said that this news would prove to be a “disruptive game-changer up there with the entry of Aldi and Lidl”, even though there was “no cast-iron guarantee of success”.
Amazon has already sought to make inroads into the lucrative food delivery market in the UK, as they teamed up with Morrisons to offer customers many of their products through the Amazon website, an idea that has now been extended to additional retailers and suppliers.
The company also claims to have cheaper prices than some of their rivals, whilst also offering speciality foods. Amazon is likely to tempt urban shoppers with “convenience, ultra-competitive pricing and customer service”, according to Roberts.