Meet the Team..

We know it's not easy building a successful business on your own, that's why we have an experienced team in place to support you all the way - headed up by the Jasper's co-founders and Directors Nathan Siekierski and Paul McMohan.

We have one aim - to make your franchise successful. We are only successful if you are.

Nathan Siekierski


Nathan is the joint owner and founder of Jasper’s. A lover of philosophy, Nathan is interested in people and what makes them tick.

Nathan lives in Sutton Coldfield with his wife, their son and daughter. His aim is to become Mayor of Birmingham.

Paul McMahon


Paul is the joint owner and founder of Jasper's. He has vast sales experience and knows how to maximise a marketplace. All you need to do is follow what he advises you.

Bobby George

Franchise Recruitment Manager

Bobby’s goal is to help people fulfil their ambitions to become successful business owners. He is an essential part of the Jasper’s team and proud to be heading the growth of the franchise.

Interests : Running, swimming, travelling, knowledge, adventures, films and film scores, theatre, meeting new people

Loves : Laughing,family, friends, food, his house rabbit Alfie, talking, sunshine, Christmas, gratitude

Dislikes : People who don’t take responsibility for their own actions; people who say the glass is half empty; sprouts (unless they’re covered in cheese and bacon)

Charlotte Kent

Business Growth & Office Manager

Charlotte’s role is to build and grow a proactive and confident customer service team that has the will and skill to help the network evolve.

Interests : Travel, other people, cinema, 80’s nostalgia, WWII, fashion, photography, interesting tattoos and humanity.

Loves : Family, friends, animals, sunshine, the sea, cosmopolitan cocktails and vegetables

Dislikes : Self-centred people, liars, repeated errors, wet sand, vegemite and the word pamphlet!


Stephen Gater

Customer Service & Business Growth Supervisor

Steve is responsible for the business growth and customer service of the Brighton and Croydon branches of Jasper’s Catering, along with supporting the Office Manager as much as possible.

Interests : Movies, music, cooking, sports (especially rugby and cricket)

Loves : Family, friends, helping others

Dislikes : Incompetence, laziness, moaners, promise-breakers, negativity

Costas Damianou

Customer Service and Business Growth Support

Costas’s role is to grow and manage the franchises he looks after and to be the first preferred point of contact for all customers.

Interests : Magic (sleight of hand), backgammon, running

Loves : Learning new things, reading, doing BBQ’s

Dislikes : People expecting something by doing nothing, unreliable people, lateness, cold weather.

Thomas Gee

Customer Service and Business Growth Support

Tom’s aim is to make the company even more successful.

Interests : Football (Aston Villa), music, visiting new places, conspiracy theories/looking into huge worldwide events

Loves : Positivity, politeness, people with a good sense of humour, food and weekends!

Dislikes : Negativity, impoliteness, and Ignorance.

Nathanael Peters

B2B Telesales & Appointment Maker

Nathanael generates the leads and appointments that will ultimately give the franchises a much higher turnover.

Interests : Football, British politics, World War One and Two and the events and aftermaths surrounding both, good food and good beer!

Loves : Birmingham City, Rangers, Nandos, mates, Coldplay, Margaret Thatcher, Spitfire ale and success

Dislikes : Villa, Celtic, tuna, Ricky Gervais.

Harry Hall

Business Account Manager

Harry manages and supports two franchisees in key areas. He also helps with all incoming enquiries from both existing and new customers across the whole business.

Interests: Travel, football, walking Dexter the dog, movies, TV boxset bingeing, history of the world

Loves: Heather Bright, family, friends, music, Birmingham City, England, healthy food and fast food (not at the same time), roast beef and homemade Yorkshire puds, beer and banter, space and the universe

Dislikes: Dishonesty, Aston Villa, Facebook (most social media), animal cruelty

Katie Hall

Customer Account Manager

Katie works to spread the knowledge of the Jasper’s brand whilst enhancing the customer experience and securing new business for franchisees.

Interests : Music, reading, cinema, badminton, football and Harry Potter

Loves : Food, gin, My partner, my family and anything a little bit geeky!

Dislikes : Liars, egos and losing at Monopoly!