How well can you manage your state?

18 January, 2016

How is it that in every franchise network the products and services of each franchise are the same, the brand is the same, the currency is the same, the market place and language used is the same YET there are always some really top performers in the network that outperform the rest?


The difference is the franchise owners themselves. The difference is their ‘state’. They might be naturally blessed with a really resilient and positive state of mind. Most likely, they will have this to a greater degree, yet they will still face challenges. The difference is that they will be able to manage their state quickly back to something constructive instead of wallowing or blaming others or the situation.


We all move our state around by the way we direct our focus or allow it to be directed. For example, think of a warm sunny day, a light breeze, blue sky, the sea gently lapping at the shore, you sitting with your loved ones having a picnic… repeat that and close your eyes. Assuming you have some imagination then you will feel relatively positive feelings.


Now think about a drizzly, dark afternoon, waiting for a train in crowds of wet pushy people and the train has been confirmed as cancelled. This should invoke some pretty negative feelings.


These are two examples where your environment causes you to react differently. You are going to experience many challenging days as a business owner. Imagine: your biggest customer cancels an order, two of your staff call in’s raining and you step in a puddle on your way to a sales meeting. If you don’t lift your state of mind before you meet those potential customers then you are going to damage your performance at that meeting and your chances of future business.


Being a successful franchise owner is not about avoiding the rain but learning to dance in it. If you can’t dance you had better start learning how to before you invest!