How discipline will be your key to franchise success

13 April, 2016

I am taking about self discipline. This means every day ensuring you do the things required of you to achieve results. Every day doing the things you said you would do to make your franchise a success, and doing them in the right frame of mind.
Yes that’s right, you can see it now: to be really successful in any franchise you are going to have to be more in control of yourself than the majority of the population are, and probably more in control than you were before.
Discipline will not only keep you on track, you will feel a greater sense of achievement, be less stressed and you will be maximising your investment.
People often ask about tips for discipline, which I might add I haven’t mastered entirely! but I am getting there. It’s a cliché but discipline is a journey which requires daily steps.
1) Set daily targets using a time diary
2) Be specific with regards to the task and the time to deliver it
3) Tick tasks off as done when you have achieved them
4) Ask your franchisor to check your  targets and remind you how you are risking your investment by not doing them (they will do this early on in any case)
5) Understand the consequences of you not doing what you commit to do
6) See a hypnotherapist to deal with your lack of discipline
7) Educate yourself by reading and listening to experts on discipline 
8) Remember why you are doing what you are doing
9) Never, never, never give up