Five simple steps for bettering your business

27 April, 2016

So, you’re following your business plan and all the systems and process of your business or franchise. The orders are rolling in at a steady pace, and you’ve got sales appointments lined up. On the whole, business is going well. However, are you going to accept that as the status quo, or are you going to push for something better? Starting your own business isn’t merely about being content with your lot – it’s easy to become complacent - but about finding new ways to be amazing.
Here are just a few ideas to get you started...


1. Listen to your customers

Your company exists for its customers; after all, they’re the ones buying your products and services, and will be the first people to tell you when something’s amiss. Are you listening? It’s a good idea to take stock of feedback, and to make sure you’re aware of any negativity that may be filtering through. Have you asked your customers how you could be improving? You may be surprised by their answers...

2. Engage with social media

We live in an ever expanding digital age, and not much gets past social media these days. Are you engaging with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Spreading the word about your business via such platforms can be incredibly valuable, and also one of the quickest ways to rally the troops and get your voice heard, so make sure you’re social media savvy.

3. Take a break

A break? Are you mad? Well, no, actually; spending a day or two away from the office is a sure fire way to better your business, as it allows you to come back with fresh, rejuvenated eyes, and see the cracks you may otherwise have wallpapered over. Taking a break is good for the mind and soul. Don Draper headed to the cinema in the afternoon to get his creativity flowing – what does the trick for you?

4. Sell solutions not somply products or services

You need to make sure that your business is solving a problem, rather than peddling goods that people may or may not want. In the business catering world it means that rather than simply selling food for meetings, our franchisees are answering a call from businesses to impress their guests, improve customer loyalty and boost staff morale. All done by providing more choice than any other caterer and 100% guaranteed service. You should be applying these added-value strategies to your business.

5) Have the right attitude

The manner in which you approach the task of business growth will determine your success – the right attitude - positive, enthusiastic, determined, disciplined - is critical.

There are, of course, numerous other ways that you could be bettering your business today, including first and foremost (if you are a franchise) applying what your franchisor advises!  

Also, remaining open-minded to reinvention, being hungry for increasing sales, encouraging team members to share their ideas and joining a community for like-minded entrepreneurs. Standing still though, is not an option.