Do you know what it really takes to be successful?

18 January, 2016

Franchisors are ambitious. They wouldn’t take on the responsibility they do if they weren’t. It makes sense that their success is dependent to a large degree on your success and therefore they will expect you to be ambitious. Now you might think, “I am ambitious” but, be warned, one person’s excelling is another person’s mediocrity. From the off I would recommend you discuss your goals with your prospective franchisor and explain to them what these look like in terms of earnings and turnover.


It’s really important to understand this before you start, as some franchise owners very quickly find out they are not actually that ambitious and this costs them and the franchisor dearly.


Then you should consider what exactly it will take to hit your targets (these should match the franchisor’s targets). If you want to turnover £500,000 and make £100,000 profit but only expect to do one or two sales meetings or deliveries a month it will not happen.


To achieve your ambition you are going to have to work hard, day in day out for years. Success will NOT happen overnight and the franchisor will not realise your ambition for you.