Are you ready to take responsibility for your own business?

18 January, 2016

Up until now you are most likely to have relied on an employer to take responsibility for ensuring a business runs well enough to pay you money. Yes of course you may have thought your line manager, colleagues or boss were terrible, but the job you had led to you being paid, having holidays, weekends, maybe the odd sick day off and so on.


That was because other people took full responsibility.


Having your own franchise means your line manager; colleagues and boss are no longer around (hooray!) and now you are responsible for making sure everything and everyone goes to plan.


You will now be your own boss which means there is no one else to blame.


Responsibility is one of the single most important elements in franchising and business ownership. If you want to be a really successful franchise or business owner you will need to accept responsibility. That might seem counter intuitive to some and it is true that even though you have your own business with the support of a franchisor, it is still you who is responsible for the success or failure of your franchise no matter what anyone tells you.


Think deeply about this, and whether you are cut out for it, before you invest in a franchise or start your own business.