World Cup Fever

13 June, 2014

As the World Cup has now kicked off, I must admit I do enjoy it.  It reminds me of when I was younger and some of the then magical moments involving Lineker, Gascoigne, Pearce and company. But something does nag away at me.

Forget about the few million pounds that have allegedly been shared out in brown envelopes to convince people to vote for certain countries (we all know that kind of thing happens). What about the 1200 workers who have died in Qatar constructing the stadiums? What about the $4.2billion spent in Brazil on stadiums when 30 million children in the country live in poverty?
Now I am not judging anyone, I am just asking a question about humanity’s reason versus emotion. For example, the stadium Manaus, Arena de Amazonia built in a city deep in the Amazon, had to have 6,700 tonnes of steel barged up the Amazon. It cost $319 million for four  World Cup games with running costs of $250,000 a month ongoing when people nearby are hungry, uneducated and dying young and the Amazon itself is being chopped down faster all the time.
Humans are capable of almost anything but it seems we become focussed on doing some short term things that cost a lot of time, money and energy but in the long term might not bring us the results and happiness we desire. Think about where your time, money and energy is focussed and if it would be better spent elsewhere...where it will benefit you over a lifetime, not just for a few heady weeks.