What Trumps Democracy?

23 March, 2016

I have become very interested in the American elections, overwhelmingly because of one man: Donald Trump. I am absolutely going to admit that the Trump approach and impact is, in my opinion, fantastic for democracy.
Of course initially there were the whole “build a wall “ and “immigration” headlines that the mainstream media ran with, but you need to look past these. We are talking about a man who has created a multi-billion dollar empire across the world and employed 10,000s of people. Anyone who has ever owned a business knows you need a lot of skills to achieve this, including being straight-talking, honest, able to get on with all sorts of people and be masterful at doing deals. Donald Trump is a candidate who is now willing, in front of a room of journalists and global TV cameras, to tell people what he thinks about the state of his country, even if it offends some people. If you read the headlines of the main stream newspapers then you would believe people are appalled and disgusted by what he has to say  yet despite all this negative press, his rating and the numbers voting for him, have gone up. Why don’t politicians get it?!
I can tell you that MOST people I speak to in the UK, left or right wing, Labour or Tory, are concerned about immigration, they are concerned about Islam and the cultures around it… but they are afraid to say it loudly for fear of being called a racist or anti Islamist. Donald Trump is expressing the beliefs of a high proportion of Americans and it is the job of his opponents to offer something better. So if you don’t like what he says, sharpen up and debate with more honesty and openness.
The reason Donald Trump's ratings have gone up is because the press may not be voting for him but real people ARE. People who for too long have felt like their views have not been heard, or more importantly that nothing REAL is being done to appease them. The global agenda of Western governments in particular seems to be about politically correct subtle manipulation of the general population to benefit those at the top. Even the left end up doing this with their naïve redistribution of wealth and “punish the rich” strategy - despite the only proven strategy for poverty reduction  being the creation of more wealth everywhere! But that’s for another day. The actual role of government should be to benefit ALL by giving everyone the aspiration, belief and self-sufficient tools of responsibility to enable them to undertake their own journeys to their own success, whatever that might be.
The irony of this situation is that the press who claim to want freedom of speech and expression are the first to demonise and criticise someone like Donald Trump who actually talks like a real American.  One of my favourite Donald Trump moments was when the dumbed-down mainstream mdeia tried to embarass him by raising his ‘blue’ language and showing the ‘anti-Trump’ propaganda video of him using swear words in different speeches. In front of the world media, Donald Trump responded with:  ‘Oh boo hoo, you with your political-correctness, have you never heard a little blue language...? That’s the kind of political-correctness that people in America are tired of. Next question’. He didn’t resign like most spineless politicians would do, he didn’t apologise, he defended his position head on and justified it. In return, people have supported him more.
The question is, do we in the Western world want bastions of free speech with liberal, open expression of thought, to enhance the political experience and engage more people? or do we want a mediocre middle-ground that achieves nothing?
If Donald Trump becomes President I am sure he will find it far more challenging than he thinks and I am sure many people will try to bring him down BUT you have to remember that Trump has got more people voting, more people engaged and the world observing a free speaking, proud nationalist who has proven he can be successful by maintaining his integrity and expressing his honest beliefs.
I am not saying he will be a great President but I am saying he is what the Western democratic world should look to when they talk about engaging people in politics. In my opinion he is good for democracy, good for freedom and good for the world.