Tragedy And The Sanctity Of Life

27 March, 2015

The awful tragedy of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the Alps this week brought me to tears. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone on that flight and indeed anyone who has experienced loss. Life is THE only thing that matters in the end and the greatest crime occurs when life is taken.

Having lost my Father in tragic circumstances I still, to this day, carry that pain and remember the time when it consumed me. It was like a black hole inside my heart and mind where. Sometimes the pull to fall into it was so great that it seemed impossible to cope. My mechanism was, and is, to try and draw strength from that tragedy and when I feel fear or sadness to remember that ‘I’ am alive, I still have the consciousness and will active in my collection of atoms to engage with life on terms to which I choose. As a father and a husband I have a duty to do my best to teach this lesson not only to myself but to my family. I am not perfect and fail some days miserably, but that never stops me getting up the next day and carrying on the fight.
You are NEVER out of the fight.

Nothing I or anyone can say will combat the loss of loved ones and I hope that there are many arms ready to embrace those who have lost them. Ready to demonstrate love and compassion like never before to help them live their life in a way which gives them greater purpose.

I know for sure that the people I have lost would, if they could, send me a message saying: ‘Nathan, don’t you dare rest, never never never give up, never let sadness take your light, never let fear take your future, use the pain as fuel, fight for everything you want, engage in your life more than ever before, do not fear anything other than fear itself, build a legacy that demonstrates you have lived your life, have no regrets because one day you will be gone from your life – dance in your heart and laugh with your mind

Today I dedicate a portion of my heart to those who have lost someone and wish that our species could lay down its futile beliefs and focus only on the enhancement of life, the preservation of it and the end to sickness, poverty and sadness. It may be a utopian dream but what better dream to have in respect to the precious sanctity of human life.

Live your life like never before.