The true meaning of Christmas

10 December, 2014

This is so different for so many people but hopefully in all cases Christmas brings some time for you to sit back and reflect on what you really want for yourself and your future. Opening 12 pairs of socks and a potato on Christmas morning doesn’t seem to take away that feeling of desire for something else. You can pretty much guarantee that satisfaction will not be found under the Christmas tree wrapped up in printed paper with a bow on it. There is a big reason for this and it’s a lack of directional action - directional action towards a destination you desire.

People will only ever find true reward in fulfilment when they are moving towards their goal. This could be a holiday, a cuddle with the family when they arrive home, a new house, a wedding or indeed the step on the path to becoming a business owner. I have no idea where your fulfilment lies and, to be fair, if you are like the majority of people it will change from day to day and hour to hour. There is one thing for sure though: that unless you take a step towards your goal you will always feel disappointed and dissatisfied.

So this Christmas take a gift for yourself and your family and promise to explore the things you want to. Don’t put them off any longer as one day it will be too late and before that you might (if you are lucky) get the chance to regret the things you never did!

Merry Christmas.

"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done."
Lucille Ball