The Rational and The Reactive

9 April, 2014

Human beings are on the one hand very intelligent (for example they can put a giant metal object into space) and then on the other hand extremely stupid (for example they read and believe texts that were written thousands of year ago and have been edited and rewritten hundreds of time by people with all sorts of motives). The human that put the giant metal object in space is the proactive, measured and rational human in full gear, the latter is a more emotional human. The spectrum of focus for us is dramatic, especially as we have such a short and unforgiving life on this planet.

Which is why I remind myself whenever fear or doubt pops inside my mind that I need to check the facts and not the emotion; I need to be proactive not reactive with my thoughts. Inevitably I have been able to trace reactive thoughts back to either tiredness, a lack of knowledge or a lack of perceived control – all of which are solved with a shift in approach.

Having young kids I am constantly looking at the dangers that not checking this kind of reactive behaviour can bring later in life. It’s the very reason why some people expect and achieve so much and others are held back so far. I’m blessed because I have always had a passion for philosophy, I am a philosopher - ‘lover of wisdom’ - wisdom that can only come from questioning and deconstructing.

So my challenge to you is this. Over the coming 24 hours, ask is this helping me have a better life? Is this helping me be more fulfilled? Question your doubt, question your fear, question your feelings and behaviour until you come to a final answer. What you discover might be something unreal, something that only exists in the past or in your mind, something that if you were a tad more proactive, if you took responsibility and chose to change your approach, you could see the reactive road block disappear.