The Joy Within

25 July, 2014

I had a meeting this week with a gentleman who was struggling to find joy with what he was doing, let alone fulfilment. He was pretty miserable. 
I asked him to explain what he meant. He went on to tell me that he didn’t like his current role because of his boss, plus his car needed repairing and he hasn’t had a pay rise for 2 years and it was all getting him down. Interestingly, as I probed him more, his social life didn’t really bring him much Joy either and he wasn’t at home enough to really enjoy that. In a nut shell , he wasn’t very happy because of the external world and his environment. 
I asked him if he wanted me to give him a solution to this very frustrating condition. I warned him that he might not like it and that it wasn’t easy, but it was in fact the absolute truth and honest solution to his situation. He seemed receptive. So I told him.
I said: Joy and fulfilment does NOT come from your environment, from material things, from actions themselves nor from other people. Your boss, your car or a pay rise will not bring you joy and fulfilment. Joy and fulfilment comes from within and is accelerated by some of the interactions you have with your environment, especially people. He looked doubtful. I said that if you work on yourself you will find the rest all feels more joyous and fulfilling. This isn’t some liberal soft hippy BS -I am not very good at that - this is the rock solid diamond-centred principle of life. 
Your internal feelings will support your beliefs and in turn your beliefs will drive your behaviour – including the expression on your face when you are speaking to your boss! There is no other solution for it, you must find a way to alter your internal state. This is the only place you will find joy and fulfilment and then the way you display this with the people around you - the way you react to situations and obstacles - will vastly improve and become more rewarding.
Just stop and look at a full moon, lie on the green grass and watch the clouds, strike a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop, tell you wife, your kids and your parents how much love them, smile at people as they pass and say hello, sing loudly in your car, take some cakes into work for no reason… just appreciate what you have and take responsibility for the joy you manifest within then release it into the world.