The Good Psychopath

14 August, 2015

I once read that acting was the highest state a human could achieve. Although Buddha might have something to say about this, it does appear to be true. Take a recent report which showed that successful people often have psychopathic tendencies, one of which is being able to control and switch their state at will. This makes total sense as is evident when the vast majority of our species is reacting to their environment either by being submissive to a boss, getting angry in a traffic jam or laughing in a social setting about something that isn’t funny. The truth is that most humans are on autopilot, unlike kids who don’t ‘know’ how to behave and so proactively go about doing the things they want. In most cases, adults are busy ‘reacting’ to social norms and conditions which (a)doesn’t make them happy, and (b) doesn’t get them what they want.

Is it any wonder kids look happier?!

There are a very few adults who choose to proactively live their lives. They choose their reactions to situations and choose how to ‘be’ despite social conditioning, expectations or environment. Hence they are better at getting to the top. A reactive human might say ‘I can’t stand him/her’ and do everything they can to avoid their line manager, whereas a more sophisticated ‘psychopathic’ human might feel that they ‘can’t stand him /her’ BUT might actually befriend and play this person if they know he/she will help them get a promotion.

So I’m thinking that maybe psychopaths, in that they deal with situations proactively, will be at the forefront of human future and possibly evolution...If they aren’t already.

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