Ten things franchisors should tell you about franchising

17 March, 2017

Ten things franchisors should tell you before investing in their franchise but probably won’t!

  1. Franchisors are human beings just like you. They probably have children, parents, siblings etc. They are human beings who get scared, who worry, who want to be happy, loved and want to be praised. Even if they look cool, calm and collected, on the inside they will have a million and one things pushing and pulling them – like picking children up from nursery or school, paying bills and even ironing

  2. Owning a franchise is really easy, making it successful (profitable and fulfilling) is hard work. It requires discipline, confidence, emotional energy, cash, time, physical and mental strength. If it were a walk in the park everyone would / could be doing it

  3. Owning a franchise will highlight all of your weaknesses and negative traits, you will not be able to hide them. If, in the application process, you somehow hide your angry, abusive side or your indecisive, procrastinator side, it will come out when you start in business

  4. Franchisors need franchisees to be successful so they bend over backwards to help them. Hence the better survival rates than independent start ups

  5. Franchisors don’t like franchisees that don’t want to help them, don’t take advice and don’t use and implement systems and processes. All franchisors seek franchise owners who listen with an open mind, are prepared to learn and apply what they have learned consistently and with discipline

  6. Franchisees need the franchisor to be successful and need to contribute positively to the brand and the network

  7. Most franchisees don’t follow systems and processes despite agreeing to before they invest. Therefore their results are reduced significantly because of this

  8. Franchisors love franchisees that are constructive, creative, solution focused and successful!

  9. Franchise networks are damaged by negative franchisees that have no regard for the brand, the systems, the processes or their fellow franchisees

  10. Franchising is NOT a panacea for business success. It IS a safer way of owning your own business statistically but you still need to take ownership.