Live Forever or Die Trying

24 July, 2015

I have very recently become slightly obsessed with my mortality. I say recently, I have actually had to fight away the thoughts of death ever since I can remember. As far as I know that may be the case for everyone. It isn’t so much that I fear death but more to do with my desire to live forever. When I say this, most people react with ‘why?’, which I find really strange, and then they come up with a list of why living forever doesn’t make any sense and all the possible negative things that come with it. I’m not talking about a deal over my soul with some demonic cave-dwelling force or a zombie fetish, I’m talking about continuing to BE as I am.

I was very happy to find out that the dream of immortality is not exclusively for people like me and Dracula. There is a gentleman (with a very impressive beard) called Aubrey de Grey, who is on a mission to change all that. His proposition is that nobody wants Cancer, Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease, and the very thing that contributes to these conditions is ageing itself. So he and his colleagues are looking to stop and potentially reverse the ageing process to address the underlying problem that causes these tragic conditions that destroy so many lives.

The thing that shocks me is that he and his colleagues get so little funding. In fact, in 2011, the US spent an estimated $61 billion on their pets compared to Aubrey’s project where he needs $50million a year in order to make significant progress towards achieving his goals.

Now whether you think Aubrey is credible or not, there is no disputing in my mind that the perusal of a prolonged disease-free existence is a much more worthwhile perusal than the happiness of domesticated animals for our own gratification. Let’s be honest, any dog or cat would be much happier running around hunting small mammals than left at home all day after being fed tinned ‘meat’ then sent for a wash and blow dry at a doggy/kitty day care company.

There are so many experiences and joys to be had in the world that one normal life time just isn’t enough to get round to them. At last the realistic and scientific approach to immortality is upon us which means if nothing else, I might actually have time to finish off all those things that the majority of humans, since we arrived on planet earth, haven’t been able to.

If you are interested in SENS visit  or Google Aubrey de Grey