Listen To That Third Little Pig

21 March, 2014

Once upon a time there were three little pigs...ok so we all know the story, but why is it that the messages in these fairy stories are not remembered as much as the plot? The purpose of these fables is to pass on knowledge and insight to little ones who haven’t yet had chance to gain it from life experience.

Yet the three little pigs, a moral about effort, endeavour and intelligence – going for the long term plan rather than a quick win – seems to fall on deaf ears. You only have to look at yourself, read the newspaper or look at what parliament is up to if you don’t believe me. And before you start...I am not saying I am perfect either, far from it.
Human nature is highly reactive. Of course, we like to think we are rational, proactive creatures and we can be. But for the most part we are reactive, operating like biological machines with the aim of staying alive and doing almost anything to achieve this goal.
That third little pig deserves more credit than he gets. The principles of the story should be taught to our children on a daily basis. Quick wins and short cuts often lead to fragile solutions and missed learnings. Business owners should think no differently. I haven’t found a short cut that leads to business success, let alone a fulfilled experience of life. The challenge of pursuing the long term rewards should be one we embrace and achieve by doing things every day and doing them very well.