Key Values For a Business Owner

12 August, 2016

How boring and dull is that as a title? and how many tips, hints and tricks are there on the web about this subject?
But I don’t think people actually get to the core values of what is needed. There is far too much tip-toeing around (no pun intended) and not enough honesty. Of course, we don’t want to put people off becoming an ‘entrepreneur’ (give me a break), starting their own business or buying an existing one but just maybe we could improve their chances if we delivered some home truths. The first being that business failure is a necessary part of the economic system and like it or not, as with anything in this universe, the death of something (a business) will in some way feed the existence of something else (another business). If you want to be the benefactor you had better get DEEP into taking RESPONSIBILITY.
Yep that’s right because the banks, your customers, your employees, your business partner, your cat, dog or mum isn’t going to be able to help you make your business a success. Ultimately they are not the business owner and so don’t suffer the pain, the emotion, the joy, the sleepless nights, the worry, the buzz and everything else as you do. Plus, in the end, the banks, lawyers or debt collectors won’t be coming after them…they will be after you.
So the first thing to do is accept FULL responsibility for everything that goes right and wrong within your business. Huge ask, right? I mean almost overwhelming, no ABSOLUTELY overwhelming for most people, which is why so very few business owners actually makes a real success of things. At this point you may say ‘what about the things that are out of my control?’ You aren’t getting it, are you? I didn’t say ‘control everything’ I said accept responsibility. Accept that you must have the ABILITY to RESPOND effectively, quickly, with energy and focus.
I reckon at least a third of businesses go under simply because the owner doesn’t take ACTION quick enough… they WAIT! Never WAIT on someone else, chase, push and move but if you are waiting for ‘the bank’, ‘a customer’ or ‘an order’ you might as well get out now. You need to take CONTROL of the communication and, with skill, push the solution forward because left to others it will NEVER happen. Yes they might find you annoying or pushy but when you get the result and deliver the goods and grow your business they will at worse envy you and hopefully admire you. They will say ‘you know he never gave up, he would never let it go.’
Did any of the above resonate or make sense? If you want to be successful take RESPONISBILITY and control the (right) action. No amount of money can replace this in any business because it’s a rare trait indeed.