If Only There was More Time in the Day

23 May, 2014

“There just never seem to be enough time in the day” is an expression commonly heard. And how true it seems, especially if you have kids and a business to run, no matter how brilliant your partner is (and mine is!)

So it is really important that we focus the time we have on key areas, as effectively as possible. 

Nothing new there, I hear you say, but can you be more specific?
Well let’s stick to the business side of things...it means completing the things that move you towards your goal. Please note I said “completing” not “doing”. “Doing” means there is still more to come before you feel the impact. Building a space rocket is amazing and admirable but without completing it you might as well set fire to billions of dollars in a junk yard.
Completion of tasks or activities that contribute to your goal is the only thing that constitutes an effective use of your time.
There is another reason for this. Working on things that simply never completed is very unrewarding, in fact totally energy sapping. This makes the time spent even more wasteful. In my experience, the vast majority of people don’t understand that the real skill in any task or project is not the 80% that goes in to get it off the ground, but the last 20% that makes sure it hits home. When it does, it feels great and you get a buzz. And a buzz means… more energy, more fire, and faster fuelled engines.
So the trick to using your time wisely is not to undertake too much energy-sapping work but to make sure that you complete the tasks you start. Not nearly complete but absolutely 100% complete. 
Then you can tick things off your list with great satisfaction, start to see the impact of your effort, feel energised...and you won’t need to complain that “there never seems to be enough time in the day”.