I have to tell you about this opportunity

8 November, 2014

There comes a time in every business when it needs to re-launch itself. This shouldn’t be done lightly.

The first thing to consider is the market place. What does it want and will your re-launch provide more of what the market wants. Research and analytics should be the guide for this, in conjunction with the most powerful and important consultants in any business – your customers.

Next year Jasper’s will move from one concept to four, and from one service to three, meaning that our ever growing presence in the world of food and catering will be boosted to a point which no other food franchise in the UK can match. Jasper’s is not tied to retail premises, waiting for customers to drop in and spend something on an individual lunch. Jasper’s is proactive and dynamic, delivering products and services to the customer when the customer wants it.

If you have not yet been lucky enough to see a presentation of the Jasper’s Catering Franchise opportunity then I recommend that you arrange to meet with one of the very open, honest and friendly team. Then prepare yourself for finding out about a franchise that offers you more for your investment than any other. You will not find systems and processes like ours in any other franchise. More importantly, for those who see the step into franchising as scary or risky, see what we are offering below. You will not find the likes of this anywhere else.

£10,000 worth of stock that has a selling value of £30,000
No Management Service Fee for your first 9 months
£20,000 worth of appointments in your first 12 months
A database with at least 400 real potential customers
Your exclusive territory of at least 13,000 businesses

I wouldn’t normally blog about our franchise so specifically but I feel I have a duty to make you aware of the opportunity that is www.jaspers-franchise.co.uk

Happy franchising, good luck, and find me on Linkedin where you are very welcome to ask me any questions.

Nathan Siekierski