Every Battle Is With Yourself

6 February, 2015

It is clear (to me anyway), that to ‘know’ what another human is thinking or why they are doing whatever it is they are doing is impossible. Which is quite scary when you deeply think about it, because it means you are truly ‘an island’. Yet we don’t feel like that on a daily basis. In fact, last week, after a frustrating few days in business we had a fantastic family weekend that involved visiting friends, a kids party, a meal out with other friends and their kids, and a walk in the woods. All of which lifted the heaviness of isolation. It was momentary though and come Monday morning I was back facing the fact that I cannot truly be understood and cannot truly understand anybody else.

No matter how much you try and influence, convince, share or talk with others, they will never be able to fulfil your dreams or win your battles for you. They will be able to undertake things which may well help the route to your destination, and that is what ‘social’ activity is about, but they won’t give you a lift to where you need to be. You’ve got to take the wheel and drive yourself.

The truth of all this is that in the end you have two choices: either you put your faith and thus responsibility in others, and very likely end up disappointed, OR recognise that if you want to win your battle then you have to be the General of your world. Not just the General but the Financer too. You have to be conscious that you and only you are THE entity that will determine the outcome of your life.

This is easy to say being born in a ‘free’ society like the United Kingdom. Not that easy as you see the vast majority of the population ‘settling’ or ‘believing’ that where they are and what they have cannot be changed. The number one reason for this is that they are losing the single biggest, ongoing, bloodiest, perpetual battle that every human experiences their whole life. That is the internal battle in your head that lifts you above the clouds or buries you under the dark, damp earth.

This is THE battle that you need to overcome, and it can be done – given the right training, the right tools, the most suitable weapons. You can overcome your limiting, fear filled, reactive and wasteful thoughts (we all have them) every time they stop you from chasing your dreams, from saying I love you, or looking sincerely at someone and apologising for not listening to them.

You have only one fight and that is with yourself. Talking, laughing, forgiving and sharing with other humans is part of the armoury that will help you win that fight.