Could This Be Your Year?

15 January, 2016

I don’t know about you, but this January I am feeling extra invigorated (even though I am a tad fatter than four weeks ago!) The start of the new year gives all of us scope to review and reenergise – not that we need a seasonal reason to do this! But it feels like the time to draw a line under old grievances and embrace life and lifestyle afresh.
I am also approaching a milestone birthday which has put extra emphasis on the need for me to make the best of life.  For Jasper’s that means refining the transformative work we undertook last year to introduce new buffet catering ranges, enabling us to offer more choice than any other caterer, with our traditional buffet catering, Tapas, Bamboo and Picnic catering ranges.
We are also extending our product offer with the introduction of Snack Shack and Snack Box – healthy workplace snacking solutions designed to kick out unhealthy, energy-draining snacks for good and boost workplace wellbeing.
For our franchise owners and those seeking to come on board this year, 2016 means making the most of the innovative technological developments we are making to enhance sales. 
There really is no other catering business out there that provides such exciting, multi-income stream opportunities in the world of food like Jasper’s. 
If you want to find out some of the magic ingredients, get in touch with Bobby and book in to come and see for yourself on a Discovery Day.
Wishing you good personal and business health this and every year.