Bucket List

21 August, 2015

I met with an old friend the other day. We hadn’t seen each other for seven years and aside from a few wrinkles and grey hairs (both of us), by all accounts we were pretty much the same people but both heading towards 40. I’m crossing my fingers that they find a cure for age-related illness and death but on the off chance that they don’t, I got thinking about things I MUST experience before I leave this beautiful planet. In my research, I discovered the top 20 things people in the UK want to do before they die. Not one of them says ‘find enlightenment' and most are very realistic and achievable…if you have the money and time.

1. Have a holiday home abroad
2. Learn a new language
3. Go on holiday to the Maldives
4. Buy a house
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Drive Route 66
7. Ride a hot air balloon
8. See the Egyptian Pyramids
9. Go to a casino in Las Vegas
10. Visit Venice
11. Go up the Empire State Building
12. Go on a cruise
13. Go whale watching
14. Climb a mountain
15. Go up the Eiffel tower
16. Learn an instrument
17. Work in a different country
18. Float in the Dead Sea
19. Write a novel
20. Drive a racing car
21. Change career
22. Trek the Inca Trail
23. Be a volunteer for a good cause
24. Be an extra in a film
25. Go scuba diving
26. Try out surfing
27. Hold a Koala
28. Feed a penguin
29. Get a tattoo
30. Backpack Europe
31. Own a designer watch
32. Ride a gondola
33. Run a big race
34. Bungee jump
35. Reach the top of my career ladder
36. Own a Mulberry handbag
37. Ride a camel
38. Ride on a horse and cart
39. Write a film
40. Change hair colour

The estimated total cost of doing the above is conservatively £675,000. The chances are that if you are thinking about a bucket list you are not 20 years of age and it takes the average Brit 41 years to earn one million pounds gross, so time and money are the barriers to this and any other bucket list.

The only answer I kept coming back to, and this might be because I have only ever worked for myself, is if you have your own company, it’s the only way you can make enough money and create enough time to really achieve all the things you want to do before you die.

I’ve done 12 of the above and wouldn’t do at least another 11 of them if you paid me! The rest are in the ‘who cares’ category. Some other things I can tick off my bucket list are having a beautiful wife and two beautiful children and something I just added was walking some of the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Also, having a mini weekend festival for all the people who matter to me now, in the past and in the future.