Better Together

19 September, 2014

Congratulations to the whole of Scotland for the way in which they conducted themselves. I hope the percentage of voters that turned out for this election can be replicated in the general election next year. So the United Kingdom still stands but at what cost?

As with any network - and I am speaking from experience - you will never please all of the people all of the time. So trying to achieve that will always result in disappointment and ultimately disaster. You can also have a situation where the majority of people want something that you as the ‘leader’ believe is completely at odds with the goal. This is most likely because they have been fed headlines by the media, those that shout the loudest, or are listening to their own internal fears rather than rational analysis. 
So, you must hold firm, not crumble and try to provide as much information as possible to convince them, then test and measure.
In the end the old saying goes: “Together we stand, divided we fall”. In business we could adapt this to: “No matter how good an independent is, it cannot compete with a committed, united network”
Think about your network, either in your office or your commercial site, your shops or franchise units and ask: Are we a committed, united network? and if not, what can we do to improve together rather than throwing in the towel and walking away?