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What is Jasper’s?

  • Jasper’s is a catering franchise aimed at businesses and their employees that require food for meetings, lunches and events

  • Your production staff will help you to produce a range of different foods including cold buffets, tapas, bowl food, hot food, fruit and snack delivery 
  • You will have between 70 -100 clients ordering catering from you by the end of your first year, with an average spend of £110 a week per client

  • The food will be made in your own commercial catering unit, based in your own exclusive mapped out territory that will contain around 13,000 businesses who order catering.

  • Deliveries will be made by your driver in a Jasper’s branded refrigerated van where you can ensure all food stays “just made” fresh until it’s ready to be enjoyed by your customers

  • The market potential is vast, with sandwiches alone in this industry worth £2.8billion a year

  • You must be prepared to take advantage of all the leads and prospective business we guarantee to put you in front of, with a minimum of 4 booked appointments a week for the first 12 months.

  • Jasper's is a real business opportunity for ambitious people who love the excitement of owning a first class customer service and quality food franchise.

Looking at a business for sale in the UK? 

If you are looking at buying a business for sale or a food franchises in the UK, please do not go on any further until you have looked at a Jasper’s Catering franchise. People like you love food and need food. That’s why food businesses are so popular. 

There are so many opportunities with one of our franchises. Our core business is providing delivered catering to companies for lunches, meetings, training sessions and other events. We offer more choice to our customers than any other caterer, and provide our franchise owners with multiple revenue streams: buffet catering, contemporary food to share, hot food, fruit delivery, healthy workplace snacking and more.

Maximising all the opportunities within this resilient and profitable marketplace will be your main challenge! Catering is the industry we are in but what sets Jasper’s apart from other food franchises in the UK?

  • Unlike other businesses for sale, we are not a retail business so there are no expensive high street rents and rates

  • Jasper’s customers are business clients with a high order value and who order catering again and again

  • To become a Jasper’s business owner you do not need catering experience. Our systems and processes are there to make learning and application straightforward

  • We continually innovate and develop our business which all our franchise owners  benefit from.

Looking for a business for sale can often be a mine field. Whatever decision you eventually make about investing in a business or franchise for sale, we can help you on your way. The Directors of Jasper’s have 15 years experience of catering, franchising and food franchises in the UK which they are able to share with you. 

Get in touch to find out more and to take a look into the Jasper’s Catering franchise model. You will not be disappointed.

Email: beyourownboss@jaspersonline.co.uk or call Bobby on 0121 622 2043


What is Jasper's